About Dr. Li's TCM Clinic's Health Services

Dr. Li's TCM Clinic are a team of registered practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With a combined 70 years of experience in professional practice and a growing number of clinics, we restore vibrant, abundant health to thousands of Australians every year.

We pride ourselves in providing services and products of the highest quality and value for money.

Our practitioners are fully qualified and equipped with the latest expertise, and when you are under their care, you can rest assured that your total wellbeing is their sole focus.  We are confident that our holistic approach will help you to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time.  We care for you as a whole person, and work to treat the cause of your condition rather than just alleviating your symptoms.

Following Dr. Li's multi-level approach to care, we endeavour to help all of our patients look and feel their best.  We also offer ongoing consultations, workshops and seminars designed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and effective self-maintenance.

Dr. Li's Multi-Level Approach to Care:

  1. SYMTOMATIC CARE:  Alleviation of outward signs, such as pain
  2. CORRECTIVE CARE:  Treating the root cause of the disease
  3. MAINTENANCE CARE:  Regular treatments to maintain balance

How Can We Help?

TCM views any kind of illness or injury as a state of unbalance or disharmony in your body.  TCM uses natural Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage to bring about desired results.  Dr. Li's TCM Clinics also utilise the latest technology, including light-needle (laser) acupuncture, to offer patients a needle free and pain free alternative to traditional acupuncture whilst maintaining the benefits.

Our experienced practitioners are confident in treating a range of health conditions including:

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